Our services

We can work on your project from the very start or undertake the completion of a stage in construction

We will build, renovate and provide a warranty.

General contractor service

The general contractor service means that we sign a contract with you and assume full responsibility for the completion of all the contractual works within a specific timeframe, ensuring their required quality.
We perform some of the work ourselves and outsource some jobs to other building companies (our subcontractors). We have generally been partners with these companies for decades and are completely sure they have the necessary capabilities and competence.

The important aspect for you as our customer is that we are responsible for everything that takes place on the construction site, saving you the trouble of organizing the necessary work and solving all the organizational questions and problems. We also provide a warranty on all the operations performed under our supervision.

As a rule, the general contractor has the following responsibilities:

  • Choosing subcontractors
  • Concluding work contracts with them
  • Organizing the subcontractors’ work process
  • Preparation of all the necessary paperwork, obtaining permits, executing expert examinations
  • Preparing the total construction schedule
  • Development of supply schedules for materials
  • Monitoring the progress of construction works and their compliance with the applicable standards and requirements
  • Accepting the completed works, including prior quality control and the execution of all the necessary documents
  • Resolving any issues concerning the responsibility of the subcontractors and any potential disputes
  • Providing the temporary construction facilities and resources for the subcontractors’ operations, ensuring compliance with safety requirements and providing the subcontractors with lifting equipment
  • Completion of the project within the specified timeframe

Performing structural works, assembly and specialist works

The construction services rendered by Dorbek Ehitus will allow you to carry out projects of any intended purpose fully or partially, whether it is the renovation or overhaul of industrial facilities, construction of residential and office buildings, or construction of commercial, entertainment and logistics facilities.

Whether you are planning to erect a new building or looking for a contractor for the renovation of indoor spaces, we will gladly help you. Please contact us, and we will answer any questions, discuss project details and prepare a price quotation. We can perform the whole scope of work during the construction, renovation or overhaul of real estate properties.

Types of structural works:

  • Earthwork operations
  • Masonry and concrete works
  • In-situ concrete works
  • Roofing works
  • Assembly works
  • Façade works
  • Finishing works

Types of specialist works:

  • plumbing (water supply, sewerage, heating)
  • electrical (general electrical and low-current works)

Turnkey construction of design-built houses

What does ‘turnkey construction’ mean?

Simply put, this is a general contractor service for private customers planning to build a house for themselves.

Dorbek Ehitus will complete all the construction operations, from laying the foundation to roofing, and give over the house you can move into. The main advantage of this service is that you will not have to spend your time on the construction but will still have full control over the process.

Another important aspect is the two-year warranty on the completed house from our company as the general contractor. In case of any problems, you will not have to reach your separate subcontractors (and there might be a couple of dozens if you hire them separately). We undertake to fulfil all the warranty obligations.

So, you are thinking about building a house. When is it the right time to contact construction company?

Customers generally start looking for a construction contractor after they have received the building permit (Estonian ‘Ehitusluba’).

By this time, you will have completed the following stages:

  • You have obtained design specifications or reviewed the detailed spatial plan of your area
  • An engineering survey of your land plot has been completed
  • You have found an architect and completed the design of your hose, including specific systems
  • You have applied with the Register of Construction Works for a building permit and have received it

Can you engage us to help you at an earlier stage?

Yes, and we even recommend you contact us before the design of your future house is prepared. We can discuss the general features of your project (or your ideas concerning the construction), the estimated cost and plan of actions. This will help us make the process of building your house easier, cheaper and faster.

We can give advice you might find useful during the design stage concerning construction materials and architectural solutions. You will be able to see who we are and what we do, discuss general terms of contract and price ranges, and potential timeframe for beginning the construction as well as have a look at our pool of previously completed projects.

Do not hesitate to call us or leave a message if you have any questions. We are here to help you!

Completed Projects

Apartment building at Luha 39, Tallinn

General contractor for the construction of the apartment building. The construction is currently in progress!

Office and warehousing facilities at Sinikivi tee 13, Lehmja

General contractor service. Turnkey construction of and office and warehouse building for Dunven Sanitaartehnika.

Turnkey detached house construction, Pirita, Tallinn

General contractor for the turnkey construction of a detached house, completing all the necessary structural works and specialist works.

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